Rural Organizing Project is producing Rural Roots Rising, a monthly 29-minute podcast by and for rural Oregonians who are creatively and courageously building stronger and more vibrant communities for a just democracy. The podcast launched in November 2019 and will continue through November 2020 for a total of 13 podcasts.

Rural Roots Rising grew out of the Rural Caucus and Strategy Session where community leaders from across rural and frontier Oregon shared how local media are getting sold to faraway corporations and reflecting less and less of what matters most in our communities. Many of ROP’s member groups are enthusiastically supporting and building community media, from working with existing radio stations and newspapers to creating our own radio stations, podcasts, and community magazines.

Podcast themes will draw on and connect the dots between issues that impact rural Oregonians, including migration, affordable housing, disaster response, and more. Each episode will feature voices from community leaders across rural and frontier Oregon. Visit to listen today!