KCUW Radio is owned and operated by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR). The low power FM station operates on 100 watts of power and is located in the West end of the CTUIR Public Safety Building on Timine Way.


CTUIR Tribal affairs are governed by an elected body called the Board of Trustees. KCUW 104.1 FM is licensed by the CTUIR.  As the Licensee, the CTUIR Board of Trustees acts as the Board of Directors for KCUW.  The Chairman presides over the Board, which consists of eight other members.  The Board sets policy, makes the final decisions on tribal affairs, and takes a lead role in determining priority projects and issues.  The Board conducts business meetings weekly, in addition to numerous work sessions with staff and special board meetings with external individuals and organizations. All of the board members, except the Chair, participate in various commissions and committees established to oversee specific tribal issues, such as education, natural resources, water, health and welfare, cultural resources, fish and wildlife, law and order, and more.

The Board is elected by the General Council, which consists of all Tribal members age 18 and older.   The General Council also elects its own officers.  The General Council meets monthly to hear updates from its Chairman, the Board of Trustees, and various working groups.  This is also an opportunity for General Council members to provide input and recommendations to the tribal officials.  Special General Council meetings are occasionally held to discuss specific issues.

The day-to-day work of the Confederated Tribes government is carried out by a staff of nearly 500 employees (47% are our own tribal members, 14% are Indians from other tribes, and 38% are non-Indians). The Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director are responsible for directing the staff, which is organized into several departments and programs.

  • The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation is a union of three tribes: Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla.
  • The CTUIR has over 3,100 tribal members.  Nearly half of those tribal members live on or near the Umatilla Reservation. The Umatilla Reservation is also home to another 300 Indians who are members of other tribes.  About 1,500 non-Indians also live on the Reservation.  30% of our membership is composed of children under age 18.  15% are elders over age 55.
  • The Umatilla Indian Reservation is about 172,000 acres (about 273 square miles).
  • CTUIR is governed by a Constitution and by-laws adopted in 1949.  The Governing body is the nine-member Board of Trustees, elected every two years by the General Council (tribal members age 18 and older).
  • More than 800 individuals are employed at the Tribe’s Wildhorse Casino & Resort and nearly 300 are employed Cayuse Technologies.
  • In 1855 the three tribes signed a treaty with the US government, in which it ceded over 6.4 million acres to the United States.  In the treaty, the tribes reserved rights to fish, hunt, and gather foods and medicines within the ceded lands, which today is northeastern Oregon and southeastern Washington.  Tribal members still exercise and protect those rights today.
  • Many tribal members still practice the traditional tribal religion called Washat. Some still speak their native languages.  A language program is underway to preserve and teach the tribes’ languages.
  • Monthly newspaper: Confederated Umatilla Journal, published the first Thursday of each month.


Corporation for Public Broadcasting Transparency Compliance Information

Radio Station Staff 

Anson Crane – KCUW Radio Station Operations Manager – AnsonCrane@ctuir.org / 541-429-7664

Board of Directors 

CTUIR Board of Trustees: Gary Burke (Chair), Aaron Ashley (Vice-Chair), Raymond Huesties (Treasurer), Roberta Wilson (Secretary), Corinne Sams (Member at large), Toby Patrick (Member at large) Lisa Ganuelas (Member at large), Steven Hart (Member at large)

EMAIL: BOT@ctuir.org

Open Meetings 

The KCUW Community meetings are held quarterly at KCUW station. Meeting announcements are posted throughout the community, broadcasted on-air between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m., placed in “Legal Notices” in local newspaper, and recorded in station’s phone system.

Community Advisory Board, Representatives 

No official members. We utilize out volunteer base, staff and board for advisory input. 

Audited Financial Statements 

To request copies, contact CTUIR Finance Department: Jamie Escudero – Accountant I – Grants and Budgets Manager – 46411 Timine Way, Pendleton OR / (541) 429-7168

PDF File – AFR

Financial Summary Report 

File Link Coming Soon. Until then, To request copies, contact: CTUIR Finance Department – 46411 Timine Way, Pendleton OR / (541) 429-7150

PDF File – FSR 2022



CPB Employment Statistical Report 

To request copies, contact:  Anson Crane – KCUW Operations Manager – AnsonCrane@ctuir.org – 46411 Timine Way, Pendleton OR / 541-429-7664

Donor Privacy Policy (Required to post on website or make available in station)

  1. KCUW Radio is barred from renting contributor names, donor names, or other personally identifiable information (collectively, Personal Information) to or from, or exchanging Personal Information with, any Federal, state, or local candidate, political party, or political committee.
  2. KCUW Radio is also barred, unless required by law, from disclosing a contributor or donor’s Personal Information to any Nonaffiliated Third Party, unless the station:
    1. clearly and conspicuously notifies the contributor or donor that the station may release its Personal Information to Nonaffiliated Third Parties;
    2. advises contributors or donors before any disclosure that they have the option not to have their Personal Information disclosed; and
    3. explains to the contributor or donor how to exercise that non-disclosure option.

Community Representation Statement  (Required to post on website or make available in station)

KCUW Radio fosters a Culture of Community.  Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity and experience is what makes our programming and our operations unique.  Diversity and Authenticity is valued because it reflects the population we serve.  On our airwaves you will find a prism of musical genres, personality, news & information of community interest because KCUW Radio strives to be the epitome of programming.

Local Content and Services Report

To request copies, contact Anson Crane – KCUW Operations Manager – AnsonCrane@ctuir.org – 46411 Timine Way Pendleton OR / (541)429-7664